Saputara is a small hill station located in Sahyadris or Western Ghats. Saputara town is part of Dangs district in Gujarat. It is a tourist destination

Dangs is inhabited by tribes like the Bhils, Kunbis, Warlis and Gamits. They are known for their dances, which are performed by wearing masks made out of bamboos and wood.

What To See And Do

The Saputara Lake is the main attraction of the hill resort. There is a Boat Club here from where you can hire sailboats, paddleboats and rowing boats and enjoy boating in the lake. The Sun Rise and Sun Set Points provide panoramic and varied views of the Sun. It also provides a perfect view of Saputara. You can reach Malegaon after a 1.5 km walk in the direction of Waghai. There are several gardens at Saputara like the Lake Garden, the Step Garden and the Rose Garden. These gardens are a perfect place to laze around while on a holiday.

The Nageshwar Mahadev Temple has the idol of the Lord Shiva. The Temple is visited by a lot of people because of its religious sanctity. The museum of Saputara is well-kept museum, which provides the information about the tribes of Dangs. The tribal ornaments and musical instruments are exhibited in the museum. Gira Waterfalls is 52 km away. It is an ideal place for picnic.

Vansda National Park attracts a lot of tourists. It was originally a private forest of the Maharaja of Vansda. It covers an area of 24 sq km and has Tigers, Leopards, Python, Four-Horned Antelope, Pangolin, Rusty-Spotted Cats and Giant Squirrels. The permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden of Gandhinagar or DFO, Ahwa should be obtained prior to the visit to the park.

The Purna Sanctuary is a part of the dense moist deciduous forests in the Western Ghats of Gujarat. It covers an area of 160 sq. km. and is situated at Mahal, which is 60 km north of Dangs. Bamboo lined pathways are provided for the trekkers. Prior permission is needed to visit this park.

You may shop for souvenirs like pen stands, key chains made of bamboo from the Gandharvapur Artist Village. Saputara


Saputara experiences a uniform weather all through the year. The temperature goes up to as high as 28 degree C during the summers thus making it the ideal place to spend the summers. Although one can visit Saputara round the year, yet the best time to visit Saputara is from the middle of the March to the November.    

Where To Stay

Many good hotels are available at Saputara with different tariff.


1. Do not forget to bring a pair of sturdy shoes suitable for walking / trekking.
2. Please do not litter in the forest area with plastic bags and other waste. Apart from being ugly, this can be dangerous to animals.
3. Add to your pleasure by bringing a pair of binoculars to better
observe the rich birdlife of the region.
4. The night sky at Saputara is remarkably clear. If interested in
astronomy, don’t forget your telescope and star charts.
5. A light haversack to carry some packed lunch (recommended) and a water bottle will enable hours of pleasurable walking.



Diversion from National Highway 8 (to Ahemdabad) at Chikli-Waghai-Saputara-Nashik-Vani-Saputara. From Bombay, private luxury buses on alternate days during the season. Semi-luxury buses From Nashik Road run by State Transport. ST buses are available from Valsad/Bilimora. Surat/Ahemdabad/Baroda. If you are driving down in your own car, be sure to fill petrol near Waghai (51 kilometres from Saputara) or at a petrol pump – 40 kilometres towards Nashik before you enter Saputara as there are no petrol pumps in Saputara.


Nearest Airports are Surat and Mumbai