Buddhist Caves of Khambhalida

//Buddhist Caves of Khambhalida

Buddhist Caves of Khambhalida

“Indian Archaeology – A Review” is the Annual Report of Archaeological activities being carried out in all over India. The Director General of Archaeology of India, New Delhi is the Editor of this Annual Report, being published by the Department.

In the issue of the year 1958-59, it was reported as under regarding The Buddhist Caves in Madhya Saurashtra District, i.e. District Rajkot.

“ Shri P.P.Pandya discovered groups of Buddhist Caves at Khambhalida, ascribable, on grounds of the Sculptural Style, to the Third-Forth Century. The second group seemed to be the most important; it consisted of three Caves, the central one of which was the Chaitya hall flanked by large sculptures representing the Bodhisatvas and devotees under the shelter of trees and having a worn-out stupa at its apsidal end”

Groups of Buddhist Caves  are in small hills, between dance forest and in the bank of a stream. These caves were made out of carving a big slab. It is believed that this caves had been made by saint of Dinyan branch of Buddha tradition.

These 1700 to 1800 years old, invaluable, historical Buddhist Caves gives holy and peaceful feelings. The delicate carving of the caves makes the stone a live, today also..

Near to these caves, there are 15 small caves. Before so many years, Gir Forest was up to Khambhalida village which was full of Asiatic Lion. It is a legend that there was underground way from these cave to Junagadh, were an inscription on a stone of Ashoka exists. Hence it is believed that Buddha Saints were coming from Junagadh to these Caves of Khambhalida, for meditation.

These caves are 350 years earlier than that of one having Bodhisatva in Elora Caves. The Cave having these types of sculptures is the only one in whole of Gujarat State.

What to See and Do

These 1700 to 1800 years old, invaluable, historical Buddhist Caves gives holy and peaceful feelings.

Near to these Caves, a complex is under construction consisting of Prayer Hall, Rest House, Restaurant etc.

Where To Stay

Rajkot is about 70 km from these caves. Tourist can stay in Rajkot where so many good hotels are available.

How To Get Around

Tourists can reach to this caves by road from Rajkot which is 70 km away.