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We are Sanskruti Tourism

Customer Belive Us

Senior Executives of the Public Sector Undertaking of Rajkot several time have a discussion and brain storming that they have doe many successful activities with hard working, dedication and honesty for the Company. Thus a habit of excellence created after every successful project and events. They though what next ? They gave their lifetime, dedication, hard work and do their best day and night for their Company. Now what is next ? Can we do something for Society which give a moment of satisfaction and peace of mind ?

Tourism is always a passion to us. We have seen the facilities and hospitalities which are offered by the different states of India and abroad also. We though that the same should be available to our tourism loving people of Gujarat and other parts of the country with a very reasonable cost. And as on today we have established such suppliers to whom we can trust and who can provide their best and whole hearted services in a reasonable cost. For them money is secondary but services and satisfaction to the tourists are the prime priority. Keeping all these things in mind we established Sanskruti Tourism on 01st August, 2012.


We, with years of experience in Corporate field, with habit of excellence, hard working, dedication and honesty intend to give as much as possible in the above fields to our valuable clients,who are first and final priority to us.

We introduces as a team of highly motivated and dedicated fertile minds, which provide genuine Tour Packages to our clients. Sanskruti Tourism is fully aware of its competition hence we believe in “Total Customer Satisfaction” and commites to full fill customer’s requirements.

Sanskruti Tourism strives to achieve excellence in every thing it does by delivering its services using the latest and best technologies suited for the same.

Some Amazing Facts

Customer Love us

With blessing of The God tourists visited Kerala, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and Saurashtra have always appreciated our true efforts for preparing itinerary, providing packages and facilities. Some of them expressed their feelings with great respect and emotion.

During Week End trips for One Day or One night and two days tourists always expressed their happiness and appreciated personal touch given by us.

All these are our valuable rewards and we will maintain the same for ever.